Andrea Giacobbe is based in Paris.

Editorial credits include:

Dazed&Confused, TheFace,TheNewYorkTimesMagazine, AMagazineCuratedBy, Spin, RayGun,  Arena, Flaunt, Citizen K, MarieClaire, Donna, Detour, Cube, Dedicate, Wad, Soup and Photo.

Film work includes:

award-winning music videos, commercials and short films.

Books include:

2021 - "Dazed:30 Years Confused:The Covers" (RizzoliUSA - New York)

2017 - “The Face: the magazine that changed culture” (Thames&Hudson, London)

2002 - “Archeology of Elegance 1980-2000 : twenty years of fashion photography” - exhibition catalog- (Rizzoli - Marion de Beaupre)

2002 - “On the Turn: Millenial Bodies and the Meaning of Time in Andrea Giacobbe's Fashion Photography” - book - (Fashion Theory/Berg Publishers)

2000 –“The Impossible Image” - book - (Phaidon Press - Mark Sanders)